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Enable Omnichannel with Voice without ACS

Configuring Omnichannel for Dynamics 365 Customer Service is meant to be a simple experience. Microsoft however has not made it simple since deprecating the separate Omnichannel apps within Dynamics 365.

If you want to pre-enable the voice channels, but don’t want to activate Azure Communications Services immediately, you will be faced with a serious error that prevents anything within the Omnichannel package from loading.

When you search for a common error, “We experienced an error while trying to authenticate you — please try again by refreshing the browser. If this continues to exist, please have your admin contact Microsoft Support with the Client Session ID:”, you get pointed towards previous Omnichannel documentation suggesting you use the App Profile Manager on the Omnichannel app within Power Apps.

However, even if you activate the deprecated apps in a new environment, this option does not exist and finding the relevant setting within Customer Service Admin Centre and checking it (found in Workspaces – Third Party Voice Channel Provider), does not fix this issue as the documentation is outdated.

To fix this, you need to go into Power Apps and enable the Omnichannel Admin Centre. After doing so, go into the Omnichannel Admin Centre (only accessible via Power Apps), Select Channels, and then delete the default channels relating to voice, specifically the Group and User voicemail channels.

Once this is done, you will be able to reload the Customer Service Workspace, with your user successfully logging into Omnichannel without issue, and able to provide support to users.


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